Luxury Chile holidays

Seemingly pinched between Andean behemoths and Pacific waters, slender Chile is brimming with iconic landscapes, elegant cities and an array of eye-catching wildlife, making Chile holidays truly one-of-a-kind. Hike alongside heavenly lakes, spot blue whales in choppy seas, ski in the high Andes, or luxuriate in thermal springs, sipping wine beneath snow-dusted volcanos.

Implausibly slim, Chile is both restricted and enriched by the superlative natural barriers that define its spectacular landscapes. To the north, visit the inhospitable Atacama Desert – the world’s driest – and find scorched-red dunes, rocky plains and unimaginable geological formations shimmering orange and gold. Meanwhile, bristling along Chile’s eastern spine the world’s longest mountain range – the snow-capped Andean peaks rising in angular majesty separating you from Argentina. Venture into this exciting terrain, hiking beneath mighty granite towers in Torres del Paine, or amid the azure lakes of western Patagonia; or perhaps pick through primeval forests for views over the immense glaciers that spill from Chile’s southernmost archipelago.

Exploring this vast and pristine wilderness, you’ll meet hospitable people – poncho-wrapped alpaca herders and gauchos in straw chupalla hats – and you’ll savour delicious seafood, and exquisite wines from the sumptuous Colchagua Valley. Nature-lovers can find flamingos, elephant seals, penguins and the elusive Patagonian puma, while charming and colourful towns such as hillside Valparaíso see grand colonial buildings rise between brightly-painted houses in typical Latin American quirkiness. Chile’s cosmopolitan capital, Santiago offers gentle strolls revealing European architecture and leafy avenues, all cast against a magnificent mountainous backdrop. Fly to Easter Island to uncover the ancient mystery of its enigmatic Moai statues, or sail around Chiloe Island, home to 16 UNESCO-recognised churches, keeping your eyes peeled for the fabled ghost ships that drift in the thick morning fog. And that’s not to mention the hot springs, smouldering volcanos and mighty fjords that await discovery in this most varied and bewitching of holiday destinations.  


Special experiences in Chile

Spend your days visiting steaming hot springs, gleaming white salt flats and emerald lakes. Challenge yourself by kayaking along dramatic fjords and tackling some of the world’s best white water. Trek into virgin temperate rainforest to watch monkeys swing in the canopy. Track pumas as you trek to the Torres del Paine or enjoy close-up wildlife encounters such as watching whales among the islands, fjords and rainforests of Aysen. Take a private plane, helicopter, or hot air balloon up and admire the awesome, endless Patagonian steppes. Go on a road trip or epic motorbike ride along the Carretera Austral. Surf the waves at Pichilemu, pausing to dine on a seafood beach barbecue. Explore the gold rush remains in Tierra del Fuego. Master world-class vintages by exploring boutique wineries and enjoy a wine tasting at a leading winery where you can sample the best Carmenère, Chile’s signature grape. Elsewhere, join a chef for a cookery class and get to grips with Chilean cuisine. Stroll through the streets of the colonial city of Valparaíso. Sink sundowners while marvelling at the spectacular light show as the sun sinks below the Andes. Travel to Easter Island for an off-the-beaten track escape and a chance to wonder about the origins of the mysterious Moai.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Trek into the wilds of Torres del Paine National Park

Rafting in the Chilean lakes

Take to the waters in the Chilean Lakes

Hot air balloon ride over the Atacama Desert in Chile

Take to the skies in a hot air balloon over the Atacama Desert

Where to stay in Chile

Take advantage of chic properties and unusual places to stay throughout this slither of a country. Start by staying in slick urban hotels in Santiago such as The Singular but discover serious style amidst the stark landscapes of the desert at Awasi Atacama or Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa. Immerse yourself in traditional life at luxury estancias like the Lapostolle Residence or designer wine estates and vineyards in the Chilean Lake District. Further south, base yourself at boutique adventure lodges in the endless Patagonian wilds such as Tierra Patagonia or private timber lodges like Awasi Patagonia. Get properly off the beaten path while staying at rural retreats on Rapa Nui including Explora Easter Island. Ask us as well about how to secure a berth on board an expedition ship such as MV Stella Australia that sails a beat among the Southern fjords.

When to go to Chile

By virtue of its extraordinary shape and length, Chile enjoys a wide range of climates. While Santiago is ostensibly a year-round destination, travel to the Atacama Desert in the north from April to December and explore Patagonia from October to March when the air is at its clearest, the weather warmest and all trekking routes are open. In the central winelands, spring and autumn are both appealing, with autumn in particular bringing wonderfully colourful landscapes and harvest festivals to match.

Suggested itineraries

Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna), Atacama Desert in Chile

Highlights of Chile

Guide price from £8,320 pp

Travel the length of Chile on this indulgent holiday, comparing the otherworldly landscapes of its deserts and big-name national parks to the tumbling lanes of its charming seaside towns and the leafy bustle of its capital, Santiago.

Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia

Patagonia’s Glaciers & Fjords

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Compare Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia as you cruise the icy fjords from Ushuaia and explore Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Park – all while enjoying our collection of curated luxurious lodges and boutique hotels.

Adelie penguins, Antarctic

Torres del Paine & Antarctic Fly Cruise

Guide price from £20,070 pp

Witness towering rock spires in Torres del Paine National Park, relax on the shores of Lake Sarmiento and savour exquisite wines between exploring the wild, frozen expanse of the West Antarctica Peninsula.

Tierra Atacama, Excursions in Chile

Discover Chile and Argentina

Guide price from £8,095 pp

This itinerary combines some of the many highlights of Chile and Argentina in one unforgettable holiday, from the vast Atacama desert to Argentinian wine country and beyond.

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