From polar cruises to the Northern Lights

Whether it's the polar extremes of Antarctica or the iceberg-strewn coastlines of Canada and Alaska, the cold regions of the world have long captured the imagination. Wild, remote and extraordinarily beautiful, they represent a step into the unknown – travel at its far-flung best.

But, while in times gone by, reaching such places would have been a feat for only the most intrepid among us, today we can all get a taste of these vast, frozen wildernesses, experiencing them in comfort and style.

Below you'll find a curated selection of holidays showcasing the very best of these destinations, from bucket-list trips to Sweden's ICEHOTEL to luxurious cruises exploring the unique landscapes and wildlife of Svalbard and the Antarctic Peninsula. Remember, if there's a holiday you'd like to discuss but can't see it featured, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our specialists are here and happy to help.


Our top itineraries for Cold holidays