Growing up in a well-travelled family, and having been away on many family holidays, exploring different countries and cultures comes naturally to Rachel. In fact, she has been fortunate enough to spend some time living in both the USA and Canada, much in line with many of her extended family who themselves live in different corners of the world – from South Africa to Singapore.

During her university years, Rachel studied history and ancient history, fuelling her love for historical sites and museums. Some of her favourite travel experiences include watching the sunrise at Petra in Jordan, immersing herself in the history of Berlin with its Cold War past, and exploring ancient ruins, such as the Valley of the Temples in Sicily and Delphi in Greece.

When it comes to destinations, Rachel has a soft spot for the Mediterranean, with Italy, Croatia, and Greece being some of her top picks. She's also been captivated by the cuisine of Spain, the beauty of South Africa, the history of Jordan and Israel, and the many islands of Indonesia.

Favourite travel moment

Being within metres of lions, leopards and elephants on safari in Kruger National Park

Top recommendation

Ensure you have your passport with you when visiting the Alhambra in Granada to avoid queues and missing out

Favourite country


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