• The natural setting of bay views and forests dotted with hot springs, zen gardens and maple trees
  • The understated luxury of the spacious rooms, each with spectacular views and private onsen made of volcanic rock
  • The Matsusaka beef, one of Japan’s ‘three big beefs’

Japan in the public conscious exists as a land of great cities and geisha traditions. And, while that’s true, its stunning natural world is often fairly overlooked – the kind that Amanemu enjoys. Sited on a cragged clifftop overlooking the spectacular Kii Peninsula, the resort commands sweeping views over deep blue waters where pearl divers rub shoulders with lobster fishermen.

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And, with such natural beauty on its doorstep, time at Amanemu is often given over to a range of tailor-made experiences. Local guides bring you along pilgrim trails to visit the famed Ise Grand Shine, anglers take you on sashimi fishing trips and you’ll even be able to visit the famed ama freedivers. These hardy women still practise their historic way of life, diving for pearls without assistance. 

It’s this national-park scenery that has inspired Amanemu’s layout, with pretty villas hidden among landscaped grounds in the style of a traditional Japanese village. But, inside, Amanemu is all contemporary, designer chic. Suites are formed entirely from blonde wood, illuminated with curated lighting and open fires, while whole walls draw back onto decks with day-bed views over the bay below. For further relaxation, rooms also come with their very own onsen baths, fed by local spring water.

They’re the perfect conclusion to days defined by spa visits, champagne and canapé cruises, and superb dining experiences. All of the dishes at Amanemu feature locally sourced ingredients, with highlights included Nabari melons and, naturally, just-caught seafood.


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