By Becky Theriault Europe & Scandinavia Specialist

By their very nature, ice hotels are ephemeral, melting with the arrival of the summer sun. It may seem like a pain having to rebuild every year, but Sweden’s ICEHOTEL sees it as an opportunity to innovate, ensuring no two stays are the same. Each spring, an expert panel chooses a select few artists from hundreds of applicants to design the new rooms. As always, it’s an international cast from all sorts of backgrounds, including set designers, abstract painters and architects. And, the first designs for this season; take a look below and stay tuned for updates on how they turn out.

Icewoman – Linda Vagnelind

The Living Suite – Jonathan Paul & Marine Green

Differential Expansion – Antonio Camara & Juan Carlos Camara

Haven – Jonas Johansson, Jordi Claramunt & Lukas Petko

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