Having travelled extensively from a young age, the travel industry was always an obvious career path for Matthew. Indeed, after graduating university with a history degree under his belt, he moved into travel immediately, with his passion of history influencing many of his subsequent holidays. Ranging from short European city breaks – including trips following his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers – and beach holidays to tours of exotic and obscure lands in the likes of Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Colombia, Matthew has now clocked up more than 40 countries across five continents on his travels. Matthew has also visited multiple European destinations through the likes of Paris, Vienna, Andalusia, northern Italy and even a memorable trip aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express to Venice in a working capacity, contributing greatly to his specialist knowledge of the region.

Matthew holds a particular fondness of Portugal, which he has been visiting frequently throughout his life. Although it is the Algarve that he calls his second home, he has also visited the cities of Lisbon and Porto several times. His top tips include exploring the more unspoilt western Algarve as well as visiting the beautiful towns of Braga and/or Guimaraes from Porto.

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Explore the unspoilt western Algarve

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