Luxury Caribbean holidays

This vibrant, glorious group of 7,000 island nations, dotted across the Caribbean Sea between the southeastern tip of the United States and the northern coast of South America, is a sun-seeker’s paradise. From its sugar-sand beaches and ultra-luxury resorts to its towering peaks and technicolour reefs, it’s all set to the intoxicating rhythms of salsa and reggae, soaked in rum and spice and steeped in a complex and fascinating modern history of colonialism, slavery and revolution, dating back to the days of buccaneer pirates and the voyages of Christopher Columbus.

In more recent times, the Caribbean has become synonymous with luxury travel, it’s holiday islands – some bustling and party-filled, others remote and untouched – serving up an ideal blend of palm-fringed relaxation and adventure. Our specialists are on hand to recommend their favourite islands and resorts from across the Caribbean, and to tailor you a holiday that suits you and your interests to perfection. 


Special experiences in the Caribbean

Of course, it’s hard to look beyond the Caribbean’s beaches, their pristine sands and azure seas the stuff of escapist dreams. But, while they’re the thread that ties the region together, there’s also so much that makes each island different, a unique experience all of its own. Naturally, if it’s time in the sun you’re after, you’ll be well served, with thousands of gorgeous, sun-kissed stretches to choose from. But even these have their idiosyncrasies, as from coast to coast you’ll find everything from gently lapping seas to surf-happy swells and sands shimmering in hues of white, pink, brown and black. What’s more, with just 10 percent of the islands inhabited, it’s easy to escape the crowds, so why not hire a boat and guide for the day, pack a picnic and a bottle of bubbles and head off in search of a private paradise all of your own?

If you’re looking for more from your holiday than just beach time, then you’re in luck. Swim and snorkel in seas rich with coral and teeming with marine life, from dolphins and whales to stingrays and manatees. Hike into the wilderness to find verdant mountains, hidden waterfalls and spectacular birdlife, or embrace your adventurous side with the likes of white-water rafting, tubing or zip-lining. Then there’s the culture – fun, flamboyant and showcased across the region in food, drink (rum anyone?) and so many festivals and carnivals that it’s impossible to count. 

Discover our Caribbean collection

From boutique boltholes brimming with colonial charm to state-of-the-art resorts packed full of the latest and greatest facilities, the Caribbean offers accommodation for all tastes. Here, our specialists have picked out a collection of their favourites, but if there's something else you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kayaking in the Caribbean

Incredible watersports

Dining at Coral Reef Club

Delicious dining

Swimming with turtles

World-class diving and snorkelling

Luxury Barbados holidays

With its spectacular beaches and world-class resorts, Barbados is a favourite among our clients. And, like much the rest of the Caribbean, there are an abundance of activities that will bring you beyond the sands and into the island’s unique culture and spectacular natural world. Perhaps you’ll take a jeep trip into the rainforests to discover hummingbirds and hidden bays or stroll between the pretty orchids at the Tropical Flower Garden. Alternatively, look back at the island’s past, taking in colonial-era churches and plantation homes, or experience the sheer joy of live music and traditional Barbadian street-food at the seaside fish market in Oistins which, on Fridays and Saturdays hosts the island’s best party – a rum-soaked extravaganza of reggae and Caribbean pop. 

Barbados west coast

Spectacular shorelines...

Barbados sunset

...and beautiful sunsets

Luxury Antigua holidays

There’s a distinct English flavour to this Caribbean favourite, its colonial past showcased in the bustling capital, St John’s, a well as across numerous old forts and historical highlights which dot the dreamy coastline and verdant interior. With hidden coves and secluded bays, it’s easy to transport yourself back to the times of Lord Nelson and the pirates that once ruled these azure seas. Back to the present day, though, and alongside its blend of old-work heritage and quintessential Caribbean charm, Antigua is all about sophisticated luxury. Its glitzy harbours are host to myriad private yachts while the island’s stella resorts feature indulgent spas and gourmet restaurants all fronted by picture-perfect, palm-fringed beaches and gently lapping waves. Sheer perfection!

Hummingbird, Antigua

Of hummingbirds...

steel drums being played at Carlisle Bay, Antigua

...and steel drums

Luxury Saint Lucia holidays

Overlooked by the famous peaks of the iconic Pitons, the island of Saint Lucia serves up the wonderful blend of relaxation and adventure, Caribbean style. Across the island, you’ll find a collection of boutique hotels and wellness retreats fronted by some of the West Indies’ best beaches, ideal for a slice of sun-worship. Then, if you’re feeling active, hiking trails trace routes between volcanic cones while zip-line routes chart verdant rainforest canopies, perfect for working up an appetite before tucking into the island’s flavoursome Creole cuisine.

Beach, St Lucia

Saint Lucia's famous sugar-white sands

St Lucia, Caribbean

Inland waterfalls

Pitons, St Lucia

...and the dramatic Pitons